Intelligent Financial Product Marketing

BrokerSmart creates a marketing ecosystem that drives advisors to you.

BrokerSmart System

Introducing your products to Financial Advisors and RIAs has never been more difficult or more important. BrokerSmart simplifies the process and enables you to expand your business in an efficient, controlled manner. Designed from the ground up to save you time and money, while being Compliance friendly, BrokerSmart allows you to steadily increase industry awareness while cultivating relationships with interested Advisors.

BrokerSmart puts your message directly in the hands of Advisors . Our analytics provide real-time results and provide you the contact name and number of interested Advisors. Our included CRM enables you to manage your campaign with follow up phone calls and follow up emails.

With BrokerSmart you can:

  • Market to hundreds of thousands of Financial Advisor's and RIAs
  • Quickly identify Advisors with interest in products like yours
  • Reach new Firms and RIAs, both large and small
  • Campaigns can be target geographically to match your needs
  • Systematically reach brokers on a daily basis with no maintenance required on your part
  • Receive real-time comprehensive results including contact names and numbers and use our included CRM for efficient follow up.

Simply put, we do the heavy lifting and you spend your time focusing only on interested Advisors!

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BrokerSmart Features

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